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The William Lowell Putnam competition 2015 results (University of Pittsburgh)


The results of the 2015 William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition came out! The winner is Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) followed by Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and Princeton University in third place. There were 4275 contestants from over 500 universities in USA and Canada.

The University of Pittsburgh official Team (Stefan Ivanovici, Mingzhi Tian and Matthew Smylie) ranked 24th nationally and two of its members, Stefan and Ming, made it to top 460. In fact, Stefan made it to the top 200. Also, Derek Orr delivered a fine performance and he managed to make it to top 460 as well. Moreover, this news appeared on department’s front page.

This is the best performance as a team since 2002. Congratulations to all Pitt participants! It has been a great pleasure for George Sparling and I to work with such a group of talented students here at Pitt and this huge accomplishment is the result of two years of training. On the other hand, we want to mention and thank other faculty and graduate students involved in this year’s Putnam seminar: Gregory Constantine, Bogdan Ion, Kiumars Kaveh and Irina-Roxana Popescu. Moreover, we would like to acknowledge Bogdan’s involvement in previous year’s Putnam seminar. Some of these performances are listed below.

Pitt Team rank:

  • 2014-108th
  • 2013-98th
  • 2002-17th
  • 2001-18th
  • 2000-23rd
  • 1998-13th (best performance ever!)
  • 1997-15thpitt_logo
    putnam team at the ceremony

    From left to right: Jonathan Rubin (undergraduate director), Stefan Ivanovici, yours truly, Matthew Smylie and Derek Orr

    Putnam Team and the coaches April 2016

    From left to right: Derek Orr, Matthew Smylie, yours truly, Stefan Ivanovici and George Sparling

    Putnam group 2015

    From left to right: Derek Orr, Stefan Ivanovici, Matt Smylie, yours truly, Alex Mang, Jack Hafer, George Sparling, Tommy Bednar and Mark Poulson

    williamputnamMAA formuale


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